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Public Safety
Line of Effort

Specialized Consulting to Law Enforcement Executives to aid their Efforts to Design, Create, Mature and Operationalize Intelligence & Counterterrorism Capabilities

Specialized Training
Line of Effort

Specialized Consulting as a Coach, Mentor, Trainer to Assist Department of Defense & Intelligence Community Organizations in Advanced Scenario Based Human Intelligence Training & Pre-deployment Preparations

Countering Insider Threats
Line of Effort

Risk Management Consultations to assist corporate leaders in their efforts to Counter Threats from Insiders.  Experienced in assessing, planning, designing, implementing and maturing Insider Threat Programs


Jim Hamby

CEO & Principal Consultant

It was my honor to serve our Nation with our most elite intelligence professionals and special operators. The name "Grey Ghost Operations" was inspired by a call sign used during my active duty military service

Grey Ghost Operations, LLC mission is to continue to serve through expert consultation in the Intelligence & National Security arenas and to bring energy, experience and expertise to the private sector, public safety and critical infrastructure communities


Expert level risk management & countering insider threats specialized consulting services to private sector organizations and corporations.  Experienced in assessing, planning, designing, implementing and maturing Corporate Insider Threat Programs


Consulted to Department of Justice, State Law Enforcement and other security communities on how to incorporate, professionalize and manage intelligence personnel and intelligence operations to support investigations/operations


Current Security Advisory Board Member to a confidential corporation touching numerous critical infrastructure communities


Provides expert level specialized consulting as a coach, mentor, trainer and training manager to Department of Defense Special Operations Forces and U.S. Intelligence Community organizations


Retired U.S. Army Colonel and former Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service officer with over three decades  of leadership, intelligence, human intelligence, counterintelligence, joint special operations,  counterterrorism, diplomatic, countering insider threats, risk management and training management experience


Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from Florida State University; graduate studies at Troy University in the area of Public Administration; and Executive Education study in the area of Risk Management for Corporate Leaders at the Harvard Business School


Senior advisor to the Executive Office of the President and the National Security Staff in the areas of Terrorism Information Sharing, Cybersecurity and Countering Insider Threats while on special assignment to the                   Office of the Director National Intelligence


Played a leading role in efforts across the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community to       Counter Insider Threats


First Deputy Director, Defense Clandestine Service, a worldwide human intelligence service focused on the      Defense of the Nation.


Former Director of Counterintelligence & Human Intelligence (J2X), U.S. Central Command


Founder and first Commanding Officer of the Department of Defense Human Intelligence Training Joint Center of Excellence (HT-JCOE) and the father of the Advanced Source Operations Course (ASOC)


Former Joint Intelligence Operations Officer at the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Directorate of Intelligence (J2), the Special Mission Unit community and years of interagency U.S. Intelligence Community assignments


Served in various diplomatic postings including the American Embassy, The Hague, Netherlands and the United States Mission to the United Nations in New York City. Augmented a number of Embassy Country Teams during times of crisis including several terrorism related events and hostage scenarios as a member of the                     Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST)


Experienced trainer and educator: Senior instructor at the DoD HT-JCOE; Adjunct Professor and Executive in Residence at the Academy for Defense Intelligence; Guest Speaker & Panelist at a Georgetown University of Washington DC, Graduate Cybersecurity Course  and Maryville University of St Louis, Graduate Cybersecurity Course both addressing the human dimension of Cybersecurity (Countering Insider Threats); Guest Lecturer at a Utica Colleage Graduate Course on the topic of Change Management; and as a Senior Advisor to the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (UNCC) Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence Program (IC CAE)


Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business


U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Certification

Certification Awarded on September 29, 2017 by the Director, VA Center for Validation and Evaluation


Testimony from Colleagues

"Jim Hamby is a highly capable security and intelligence professional with impressive experience both in the military and the intelligence community, having served in senior leadership positions both in Washington and abroad, including in the war zones. He is equally effective in the private sector, bringing his valuable experience and knowledge of security, intelligence, and insider threat to the corporate world. Jim and I recently worked together on a corporate project where, though his deep understanding of security matters, he was able to interact very effectively with C-Suite level executives and bring great value to our corporate client. Jim is an extremely honorable guy who always brings his A-Game to any project. He’s someone you absolutely want on your team."

Carol "Rollie" Flynn

President, Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)

Senior Intelligence Service Officer, CIA (Retired)

"I had many opportunities to work with military partners during my FBI career, but few stood out as much as Jim Hamby. Most significant to me as an FBI manager was his genuine commitment to partnerships. Jim and I worked on a variety of sensitive matters together for which I often sought Jim’s advice and appreciated that, even with the significant time constraints placed on him as a senior and respected intelligence officer within US Central Command, I could count on his personal attention and support. Now supporting private sector clients, Jim offers tremendous expertise in areas of intelligence, counterintelligence and insider threat and, very importantly, brings to his clients an enviable ability to understand, assess and provide common sense solutions to complex and delicate issues."

Roger Coe
Federal Bureau of Investigation (Retired)

“I have known Jim for over a decade and have had the invaluable opportunity to work with and learn from him in multiple diverse environments from building international efforts to collaborate, share best practice and training through to serving together in South Asia. Jim has an outstanding reputation as a leader in intelligence and training and it has been a privilege to serve alongside him.  A natural integrator and leader, shaping organisations with tact and diplomacy, Jim has a knack for understanding people and getting the best from individuals and groups. His ability to build consensus and a sense of shared vision in forging and taking forward new partnerships in intelligence, security and insider threat programmes has delivered lasting impact. In the operational arena his strategic insight, exceptional professional expertise and nuanced approach made him a respected and trusted colleague and a leader whose views were widely sought and relied upon at the highest levels.  Jim’s outstanding knowledge and experience as an intelligence professional will bring the insights and experience to the private sector that were so valued during his years of service to his country. "

Paul Newson
Director Data Risk & Security at Deloitte UK
British Army & Intelligence Officer (Retired)

"Jim is an experienced intelligence and counterintelligence professional that has spent his life and career in service of his country countering the insider and external threats to national security. Jim’s notable attributes in furthering these objectives has always been his teamwork and collaboration abilities with all USIC and corporate partners. Following years of successful field experience, Jim was called upon to develop and deliver curricula to the next generation of HUMINT collectors and experts as well as insider threat investigators. Jim’s consummate professionalism and successes in all arenas earned him the highest accolades and awards across all USIC partners. Jim was able to continually combine his years of practical experience in the field with his acumen as an instructor / facilitator and combine it with his personable approach to form lifelong friendships and relationships that has built and continues to build vast networks of resources for all he encounters and works with. Jim is an ally you want and need on any team."

Robin Dreeke
Founder & CEO, People Formula
Federal Bureau of Investigation (Retired)

I was honored to serve alongside Jim Hamby, first as a peer during our diplomatic assignments in Europe and later during a combat assignment in Afghanistan. Years later, I served as his subordinate in the pressure cooker of the US Central Command J2X, where Jim mastered the responsibilities associated with leading Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence policy, investigations and operations in the US military’s most active theater of operations. Jim is the consummate intelligence professional and leader, as reflected by his long and distinguished history within the US military and intelligence establishment. He is also the sort of man, that others willingly follow into the most challenging operational environments.

Stephen Preston
CEO & Managing Partner, The Key Hole Group, LLC
US Army (Retired)

"Jim Hamby is the consummate senior intelligence professional, dynamic leader, innovator, and founder Department of Defense, Human Intelligence Training Joint Center of Excellence (HT-JCOE), Fort Huachuca, AZ.  I was privileged to serve with Jim and honored to recommend Jim's consulting services as senior subject matter expert in the areas of human intelligence, counterintelligence, counterterrorism operations, security, countering insider threats, cybersecurity and strategic intelligence integrated operations.  Bar none, Grey Ghost Operations, LLC should be your next consultant firm in the arena of specialized intelligence training design and training management."

Paul O'Meara
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Army (Retired)

“I worked with Jim Hamby when he was still on active duty in the US Army. He has the training, the experience and the personal ability to put together a training course tailored to fit any business or private enterprise. I learned a lot while working for him and I would trust my life to any curriculum he put together to keep my people safe. He is worthy of his credentials..”

William "Dusty" Staub
U.S. Army (Retired)

Jim Hamby was my direct supervisor for a year during my deployment to the Middle East. He was a great boss and mentor. He provided me the left and right goalposts within which to operate then allowed me to conduct business on his behalf. He provided sound counsel and mentorship regarding work requirements as well as general leadership. I found him to be a wealth of knowledge across the mission requirement spectrum. He was always available to take my calls and discuss ongoing, business related issues...providing sound direction, guidance and advice. In short, he was an outstanding boss, manager and leader.

Jim Hudson
Colonel, USAF
Regional Director: U.S. Air Force Reserve Officer Training Command


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